I usually think I can google with the best of them but I am coming round to thinking twitter is quicker!

Yesterday I was working on a wee document on how asus netbooks running linux could be used in class. (I hope to add some more stuff to Doug’s google presentation soon). The webcan can record video nicely, but the files are .ogg ones. On the machine i was using there was no video editing software so I was thinking of moving the video onto a mac to edit. I started googling ogg to mov and the like but didn’t find a result. I figured the ffmpegx might do the trick, but installing that app is not straightforward. So I tweeted: anyone know how to convert ogg video on a mac. can only get VLC to view simple solution prefered at 3:32 PM. By 3:34 PM rogbi200 had tweeted @johnjohnston http://handbrake.fr will convert most things!, followed by one from atstewart and two from jimhenderson.

Handbrake works a treat, is easy to install.

Today, still working on the asus, transferring screen-shots via pen drive to a mac for documentation, I could not see how to eject the disk, right click had no eject. I tweeted atstewart and twowhizzy replied. Again I had spent a few minutes googling. Again twitter was quicker.

My tongue is in my cheek of course, I’ve probably run dozens of google searches over the last two days which have got me what I wanted, twitter seems a good option when you can’t find what you want.

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