Normally in the first few days of a holiday I’d find the time to blog that I do not have in a working week.

Not this time, I spent the first 3 days immersed in Glow. There is a lot to try out. I’ve experimented with the web hosting tool, the video streaming, the meeting tool (Marratech) and participated in a few discussion boards. I’ve left various bits of feedback.

Yesterday I gave up and went for a walk and I am off for another one today. I probably need a wee break.

I am going to play a bit more over the holidays though. I don’t think it is appropriate for me to post too much here.

You can see various stuff about Tagged: glowscotland including some screenshots but glow is probably a bit too beta to talk about publicly yet.

I would like to test the tools, with others inside glow. Unfortunately I’ve not met many folk in there yet. So if you would like to meet up in a glow meet, have a yack and test glow meet a bit let me know.

Update, I rushed this post out yesterday and went for a walk leaving the post on hold, a senior moment.

Since then Tess Watson has posted a great report on Glow ?Chat? And ?Video-Conferencing?.

As Tess seems to be more in the know about glow it looks as if it will be ok to blog about the working of the beast. Tess also wants to meet up with folk in there so I’ll give that a go (see her blog for her request)

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