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Since my move from Sandaig I’ve not had time to sort out this site the way I’d like it. I spent a wee bit of the rainy holiday Monday moving some webpages over here and tidying them up a little. In no particular order:

A flickr CC search toy This is a variation on the flickr search theme, the page searches for flickr creative commons images and shows them. More interestingly it produces the html code to embed the photos with attribution into a webpage or blog. for example the image on the left was produced by a search for tools. The search is fairly underpowered but if you want to give pupils a way to search for images to embed in a blog post and talk about attribution it might help. I hope to improve the page when I get time and a bit more know how.

A Tasty Tumble This is one of my favourite pages it is a fake tumblelog produced from my delicious links. An experiment in presenting data from delicious. Again the code do with more tidying up.

Big Tweets is a simple tweet search and display page that auto updates every minute, it is designed for use with a projector (big text size). It uses the twitter search API and is based on a toy I made for Joe Dale‘s The Isle of Wight Conference.

tags is a page that pulls information for several sources: del.icio.us, technorati, flickr and twitter. For example things tagged glowscotland. I’ve found technorati less useful recently as it doesn’t seem to keep blog posts for as long. This was first developed for teachmeet06.

I’ve also move my wiki over here, it is mostly empty, and I still have various maps to organise (pics, work navigation and some walks ), optimise and sort out. I’ve also got an experimental lifestream home page to finish off.

While none of these applications will set the heather on fire, they give me a lot of fun. They may be useful to others on occasion, but mostly they have served to keep me happily plugging away at the keyboard on rainy afternoons and dull evenings. If you do find anything of value let me know, I work for smiles. They all use various APIs and Libraries provided for free (credit on the various pages) by various developers whose generosity still amazes me, long may they continue.

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