Susan Buchanan, Fiona Cunningham, p7 pupils – Woodhill Primary School
Fiona Andrews LTS
First seminar I’ve managed to get a ticket for and I got the last one.
David just walked in, looks like this will be blogged twice, Susan: hands up who has dabbled, about 1 third!!
Basic, what is a blog? Nice loose definition.
Don’t contrive, need to be learning lead.PCPod

  • Real Audience
  • Motivational
  • Ownership
  • Interaction
  • Feedback
  • Exciting
  • Reinforcement (of French by podcast)
  • Home School Links

Project, small start focus on French 2x Primary 6, 3 iPods funded

Fiona C: fluent in French, Woodhill classroom assistant, created lessons and recorded French files.
Train children: iTunes, iPods, MP3players. Children used iPods at wet intervals.
Children testing and playing with each other.
Children thought they ere cheating by practicing at home!

Children are on, demo weather exercise, sound files link with worksheet. Own personal teacher, children bring own ipod.
Pause and rewind, test and review.

Children check their strengths and weakness, retest themselves.
Children blogged what they though about the project, preferred way of learning.

Child demos blogging, Blogger, commenting.
Woodhill Primary School.commenting is a skill, 2 stars and a wish.

Other projects: Woodhill Primary School Eco Warriors
Woodhill Primary School Parents
What to blog, CPD, lots of stuff for teachers, use as calendar, homework, classwork, extensions, links for children, outing reports, book club, inter-school links.

Other blogs us, Aberdeen, teddies…

  • start small
  • worthwhile tie in to learning and teaching
  • be comfortable with tech
  • use good software

Presentation and help at To Blog Or Not To Blog
Great overview of blogging and lots of ideas.

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