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I’ve been thinking about iPads quite a lot recently and have built up a fair number of bookmarks.:
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I joined in with Tom Barrett’s Interesting ways to use an iPad crowd sourced presentation. Previously I had tweeted that I thought it was a bit early to start this one, obviously I was wrong some good ideas for using an iPad in the class surfacing.

I also bookmarked AirDropper – Request a file from anyone. which lets Dropbox users securely request a file from anyone. Looks very useful.

Today following a couple of tweets from David Gilmour one pointing to YouTube – North Berwick Nursery’s YouTube Channel and the other to the North Berwick Nursery School blog, I subscribed to the channel and found one of my favourite blog posts of all time (now gone, archive link) which I shared with posterous. I love this post as it describes taking a dead mouse and turning it into a learning opportunity.

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