Off the cuff, after midnight.

I had an great day at the Scottish learning festival. I met a lot of folk from scotedublogs, especial thanks to Neil Winton who had to buy me an extra pint when I realised my wallet was empty.

I had a go at blogging a couple of presentations live (see below) but my typing and thinking are not really quick enough, hopefully the notes will help me remember what went on and generate some reflection.

As usual what is great about Sett is not so much the presentations but the meeting up with old friends and online friends you have never seen in the flesh.
My most embarrassing moment was not recognising Stuart Oliphant of Learning and Teaching Scotland, whom I have talked to several times as he connected us to a video conference with Holland, my only excuse was he has shaved and every one different on the telly.

So at 4.00pm I made my way to teachmeet06, a great buzz in the room, really positive feel, I briefly blogged Theo Kuechel and edublogger’s mum, missing all the real good stuff they talked about, due to the previously mentioned slow fingers and brain. At that point my iBook and the room were to hot to blog any more, I had blogged David’s gig this morning and he was his usual amusing and pertinent self; had me smiling and thinking, so I sat back and listened.
I had to leave for the first Glow mentors meeting, so I didn’t see Ollie Bray and was, to tell the truth pretty gutted not to get my 7 minutes of fame.

Then to glow, again briefly blogged. This was the launch for the glow mentors, it was nice to see the children giving a drama presentation of the expected effect of glow for teachers and pupils, but I did not really get any facts or information.
On to the glow mentor’s dinner, again great to see old and new friends, but the atmosphere was very different from teachmeet06, less of an underground excitement, more questioning: what will glow deliver? when? does glow understand say rss and its potential to connect?
I guess Glow feels like work to teachmeet06‘s play.

Kudos to Ewan and the rest of the scotedublogs guys for the heavy lifting, to Promethian and LTS for the wifi (I’ve still got a few more minutes if anyone wants to grab some tomorrow) and to Stormhoek for the teachmeet wine.

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