We have now had several episodes of Radio EDUtalk since Christmas. I’ve not blogged about it here due to lack of time rather than will. The guests have been lined up from now until the summer holidays by David, @parslad, and he has put together an amazing set of folk from all sorts of educational backgrounds with a very diverse set of interests and focus.

The technology has been behaving itself and the audio quality has not been too bad. We are beginning to build up a wee bit of live chat steam on twitter. Hopefully the podcast recordings will spread the audio even further.

You can see the list of show and listen to the ones that have already taken place on the Radio Edutalk page

Edutalk Conversations

We, and when I say we I mean David, have also organised the first Edutalk Conversation.

At this Edutalk event will be teachers and other educationists who are involved in the education of young people. The event is built around a facilitated conversation between participants, who themselves suggest items for sharing and topics for discussion. This ticket is for one person to take part in Edutalk Glasgow on Saturday, 18th February 2012.

You can sign up for this conversation on Eventbright. We hope to extend the open and friendly feel of Radio EDUtalk to the ‘real’ world.

Broadcast Opportunity

Radio EDUtalk broadcasts from the EDUtalk archive of podcasts the rest of the week. We would be interested in offering the chance to broadcast to other folk involved in education if you would be interested in broadcasting regularly, occasionally or just eonce please get in touch.

I though with the previous post I’d finished blogging for the year, but this is too good to keep.

This morning firing off the EDUtalk bot brought in a couple of new podcast episodes one from iPadio and one from AudioBoo.

I is always interesting seeing what comes in to an open invite and the flow of posts on EDUtalk comes and goes, some times a trickle and occasionally a flood, I didn’t expect much over the holiday period.

The two posts today are both interesting and exciting in themselves and as an indication of a couple of recent branches that have developed on EDUtalk.

Hack Rap by Alan O’Donohoe

One Hack Rap by Alan O’Donohoe (teknoteacher) is a rap boo to attract pupils to computing, Alan has a great series of boos about introducing programming to pupils. His mission to TEACH COMPUTING not secretarial skills. Alan is Co-founder of the very exciting Hack To The Future. This hacking theme has been popping up fairly frequently on EDUtalk,for example Talking #Hackasaurus with @iamjessklein at #HiveLondon #MozFest by Doug Belshaw and a lot of Leon Cych‘s edutalk input. Leon has been one of the major EDUtalk contributors and posting a ton of fascinating eduhacking stuff there and on the Learn 4 Life site (where Hacking, mentoring and rapid prototyping as new models for learning is one of my favourites).

MAT4ESL iDeaCast 04 by Scottlo

MAT4ESL iDeaCast 04 by Scottlo this is Scottlo‘s second contribution to EDUtalk. The phlog has bee echoing round my brain all morning lots of exciting ideas for all sort of things. The Scottlo Radio Blog comes from Japan, Scott is a contributor to DS196 and involved in ds106 Radio which of course provided inspiration and instruction for Radio Edutalk. David and I have been starting to plan with Scott about possible collaboration between Radio EDUtalk and ds106 Radio.

As I blogged a couple of posts ago, I am going to try joining in with ds106 after the new year, it looks like leading to some very interesting places.

Both of these posts link nicely, in my mind, both linked deeply to ideas of hacking education both philosophically and practically. Hack To The Future has the same spirit as the mashup culture of ds106. I really hope we can get most of this in 2012.

I’ve deliberately not embedded the audio here but I hope lots of folk go to EDUtalk and have a listen.