Scots Pine

We went for a walk over the Kilpatrick Braes to Loch Humphrey this morning. Arriving at the car part around 9am it was already pretty full. Covid has multiplied the number of people out and about.

Fox PrintsUp the road, a bit before we turn off to the fields and braes, a fox came out, gave us a look and pogoed up the road in quite a peculiar fashion. It left a trail of wet prints that dried in a moment. There was a heron close by moving around a boggy bit of field.

A bright sunny day with a slight breeze. Up the hill what must be the last butterfly, a red admiral I think, blew past. On the moor we saw a few grouse and heard the go-back, go-back, go-back call. We hardly saw another person until we rejoined the road to the loch.

We did see a bunch of young crows dipping and diving in the uplift in a joyous fashion.

The road was pretty busy, so we returned via the muir and woods rather than the road. Now a bit busier , mostly mountain bikers.

When we got back to the car park it was overflowing, I don’t think I’ve seen the place so busy before.

A few more photos on flickr

I’d spent the previous few hours walking without seeing much wildlife. The caw of a few crows and a buzzard in the mist. A couple of grouse on the braes and the odd raven, one with what looked like a lump of meat in its beak. Pigeon and tits in the trees.

Joining the metalled road from Loch Humphrey at the cattlegrid and round the next corner. A buzzard left a tree on the right of the road 10 yards in front. As I watched it glide off some goldfinches went over head. To my left two more sat chatting. My eyes were pulled by fieldfares leaving the trees. A woodpecker was silhouetted on a dead stump like a classic cartoon. It flew to the top branches and clung letting me have a good view.