40 thoughts on “Sunset tree…

  1. @kulturnation, @smokey, certainly a scary beast, it sleeps in the daytime and appears harmless;-)
    @jemostrom, @desparoz, @vasta, thanks. I’ve signed up again (in my head) for a 365 photo thing. I always get to about now, back to work, leave home and arrive back in the dark and lose my way. Trying harder this year. Saw the sky. Left work a little early by a slightly different route and caught the monster awaking.

  2. @johnjohnston I know the feeling. I’ve started a 365 several times but always fail after about 3-4 months. For me it’s just that I don’t feel the inspiration when I move around in the same places everyday … so I suppose that I should move to another place 🤔

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