10 thoughts on “Spent a bit of time with WordPress 5.0.2, the Gutenberg edit…

  1. @johnjohnston

    I didn’t lose sight of the cursor as much as the last time.

    I’m glad (for the sake of people who have to use it) that it’s looking up, but this is the kind of basic thing that should have been nailed down in the beta, not still be buggy (though not as buggy) in the 2nd bug-fix release 😛

  2. @johnjohnston @smokey I was using the theme, uh… customizer (seriously, they need to fucking change that name it is horrendous) earlier on and the only way to get the position of menu items to properly move and save was to close the thing and then go back into it — too much of WordPress hosted is turning it off and back on again.

  3. @johnjohnston On one blog I’m on a managed hosting plan from Laughing Squid which is outsourced to some division of Automattic they have not pushed 5.0 yet. My other WP blog has a different host and I jumped the gun and updated to 5.0+ when it first appeared figuring it was best to just get it over with. Both have the classic editor plugin. Both are having kittens, but it’s hard to pin down there have been so many updates to all plugins and also to Indieweb plugins I can’t keep track. I’m just riding it out and when I start seeing array errors on my site I turn off the plugin hoping some future update will fix it.

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