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Hi Alan, What better type of post could there be. Surprisingly, being a Scot, I prefer RSS porridge to the real thing. Your post is full of tasty discursions (I grabbed the NYT bookmarklet worked a treat to follow the reading).

Seeing the link to River of News, you might be interested in Dave Winer’s feedland.com. I’ve been playing with it and there is a lot to like about this RSS reader. (I also use inoreader and NetNewsWire). I use nitter to pass a few twitter feeds into Feedland as it supports RSS.

Thinking about online community, commercialization & size I keep coming back to theDS106 model & micro.blog. Both in essence or part are RSS readers. I think, without knowing the details, I prefer the simplicity of RSS over ActivityPub. For example a smaller Goodreads could just aggregate a tag/category of a set of blogs using some agreed taxonomies.

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