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“You could be forgiven for thinking that everyone on here is super productive, highly adaptive and smashing the home learning thing 24-7. They’re not. They are eating Wagon Wheels and panicking just like the rest of us. Give yourself a break- you are doing the very best you can.”

This needs to be hoisted high and shouted loud. I’ve no children at home to care for, am being reasonably disciplined, confident with tech and I am finding this is taking way more thought and time than I could imagine.

16 thoughts on “Re:super productive

  1. Totally agree. Takes time and lots of effort to do. My own children S3 and S5 so self support mostly. Taking lots of thought and experience to do it. Doing my bit to help others if i can, certainly don’t want it to appear intimidating.

  2. Seems a reasonably amount to me. Hard to judge how long my class is spending. I don’t think I’d want more than 2 hours, some turned up for a daily hour long team meet this week.

  3. Most of my tasks are planned to be about 2 or 3 hours at most across the week. Kids feedback is they prefer a longer time to so things and to organise what they do. Say some areas giving too much each day to do now.

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