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I am having the devil of a job keeping up with things recently. My RSS reader is bloated and twitter is streaming past far too quickly for me to keep up. I am not spending enough time on twitter to keep up with the folk I know best and have just grasped at a couple of things in the flow that look really interesting.


purpos/ed is:

a non-partisan, location-independent organization aiming to kickstart a debate around the question: What’s the purpose of education? With a 3-year plan, a series of campaigns, and a weekly newsletter we aim to empower people to get involved and make a difference in their neighbourhood, area and country.

and has started with a stream of 500 word blogs posts form all sorts of educators as of now there are 16 posts with more to come. Lots of interesting food for thought and I’ve not manage to read even half of the 8000 words published so far. The posts are published on the users own blogs, which is in some ways a pity as we cant read them all on one RSS feed (AFAIK).

Primary Blogging on the BBC

I caught this just after it had been on TV. some great publicity for blogging in the primary school. I should have noticed this as I have followed the blog provider John Sutton (hgjohn) on Twitter for a long time. luckly the video is on youtube and the event is well covered in The day the nation took notice of Primary Blogging!. I hope that title is true. Various folk have been pushing blogging in the classroom for a long time now, it would be nice for it to hit the consciousness of more teachers.

I wonder what else I’ve been missing…

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