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As someone who maintains a very specific set of WordPress plugins, over the last few years, I’ve been asked why I have not updated them to the block editor. The simplest reason is I don’t use the block editor, and I write the plugins for me, not for a commercial purpose, so while I keep saying I...

But it adds the microformats for different types of Indieweb posts outside of the traditional content block using WordPress filters. That is something I never particularly liked, and wouldn’t mind replacing with something integrated into content.

I’ve been using Post Kinds and other indie web plugins on this blog for a good few year now. Very grateful for the work in developing and maintaining them. I don’t yet use the Block editor very often on this blog either.

Adding the microformats, I presume links & quotes, to the main contents of the post would be great. I am guessing it would future proof the content of the classic editor goes away.

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  1. @johnjohnston — i don’t use wordpress very much, but recently i had a chance to try out the block editor and my reaction was that i can’t imagine writing this way. it’s a programmer’s vision of what writers do.

  2. @dave actually I often use TextMate that posts via the metaweblog api. I’d do then to tweet in WordPress but can pull posts back to TextMate too. For short posts I just use classic editor or

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