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However, this is causing me a bit of frustration because it feels as though the conversation about a post is happening on rather than on people’s own blogs.

Here I get the text from comments on replies and from replies to that reply. Colin’s blog only seems to get a link to

I am not really sure how it is all glued together. The final piece would be to be able to join the thread from the comments here, that might be a technical step too far?

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  1. @cdevroe @johnjohnston Ideally, it would be best if people were using their own blogs for direct replies. Then if they choose to syndicate those responses to, it would be best if were able to parse that reply and see the in-reply-to mf2 class to be able to properly find and thread the conversation on
    I tend to treat as a feed reader of sorts, but for those who have their own blogs with webmentions (the case with this post right here), I’ll definitely reply to their blog directly, though this can tend to dampen the conversation for those taking part on, but this is the case for the disjointed conversations happening on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sometimes it’s not always easy to keep the conversation on one’s own site while simultaneously playing nicely with silos.
    While is a great product that supports some interesting pieces, for those with their own sites and webmentions, it’s still just another silo. The secret is to treat it the same way one would with Twitter, Facebook, or any other site you’d syndicate out to. Because is a hybrid site sitting between the old world and the new, how you use it and interact will have to change based on whether you’re using it for hosting or not and whether you support niceties like Webmentions or not.
    For me It’s always been easier to post the start of the thread and then go to (or Twitter or Facebook) to continue a discussion with others knowing that I’ll get the webmentions back to my site where I’ll still manage to own the content. The tougher piece is for others (who also own their sites) to inject their reply via their own site into the original person’s blog as well as the siloed conversation at the same time.

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