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This month, in connection with April’s random designation as Poetry Month, I want to use images and photography and art as inspiration, and after a call out to some friends on Twitter for some help, as I wondered how I might access a random Creative Commons image from Flickr when I need one, I have settled on a couple of paths forward.

Hi Kevin,

I love the random so love this idea.You mentions a couple of my toys/tools along side some others.

The Random Flickr blendr was originally thought of as a sort of contemplation toy, so I avoided making it easy to grab images. I guess I could make that easier now there seems to be a purpose.  I think FlickrCC Stampr used to have a url parameter to kick off a search I’ll look at adding that back in at times.

Side note, I remember Ben Rimes Poetry for People blog. Now gone but discussed here: Come Write Poetry With Me This April! – The Tech Savvy Educator

Update, 1-April-19 : I’ve made a couple of changes that might be useful: adding ?s=searchword will preload the flickr search

On Random Flickr Blendr I’ve added a pause button and move the links for better screenshotting. I changed the links to flickr shortlinks so they can be read from an image (Not very accessible!)

16 thoughts on “Re: Random Access Poetry: The Day Before Writing

  1. I think I did Ben’s site at one point … ringing bell in my brain … Thanks for all that you set up already .. helpful inspiration ..

    PS — a small poem as thank you note ….

    Where the edges
    of your imagined world
    blend into mine,
    I take the time to notice
    the seamless transitions
    of our apertures, each
    camera click
    another moment

  2. Yes, we have the Flickr Blendr as the contemplation space in the #stillweb and it is wonderful! Had not remembered that when you asked, Kevin. Such a cool idea, write a poem to a random image! Love it.

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