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“@johnjohnston Why do you do a daily Teams meeting? Are they all class Teams? Do you do 1:1s too? I do a daily video message , 2 whole class video meets and two 1:1s a week. As well as all the video feedback. I’m just curious and comparing.”

Hi Athole,
Good question. I am not sure. It is the pattern I’ve fallen into. I put a weekly post of learning ideas up on our blog. The pupils respond on their e-Portfolios, occasional e-mails and in our Class Team.

I put the audio of the weekly post up.

I’ve a class of 24 p4-7, so 8 to 11 year olds.

We only have one team, we had not used Teams much before this. Just an an example of a chat app really. We used e-Portfolios a fair bit (WordPress, Glow Blogs).

I am trying to get some interaction with the class, give them some fun and encourage them to keep engaged. I’ve heard from some parents that it is motivating.

I’ve only had a maximum of 15 pupils in a meeting. I think some get bored and drop out. The environment for them all is different both physically and digitally.

During the meeting I work through a few different areas, usually look at a poem, have a quiz, do some ‘number talks’. Based on a powerpoint. It takes a lot of prep.

Our teams lacks pupil video. Which might be a good thing.

No 1-2-1s I’d not thought of that, nor heard of anyone doing them here?

I’ve not seen any local or national guidance here, so just trying things out and seeing how they go.

I’d be keen to talk about this more and obviously need to think more too.

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  1. Thanks John. So the kids just see you, you don’t see them? I agree the live stuff requires a lot of prep to make it run well (ish). Sounds like we do very similar stuff. I also use Kahoot and Brainpop a lot. & the whiteboard Our support teachers run 1:1 support and scaffolding.

  2. Both my 1:1s are quite unique. The first is with a girl who is stranded with her mum in Thailand. She only started participating online recently. 2nd with a girl who only joined the class last week. New to China and school and me! My first ever virtual student!

  3. Yes. Glow blocks pupils using camera. As I linked, I am not sure if it is important (podcasting enthusiast warning). Struggling with time to set up additional stuff. May weekend might help that.

  4. I didn’t realise that about student video cameras. I’d imagine that makes for a very different Teams experience. Is this primary only?

  5. That’s a totally different experience. I know some teachers have found chat the most useful function. But I know about the Yammergate so presume that is why.

  6. I’ve grown used to video only because I have to. I prefer audio / podcast / as a medium. I have at least 5 kids who are deeply uncomfortable on video. Which is understandable

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