Last Wednesday we returned to Radio EDUtalk after a summer break. (The break was for live shows, IaninSheffield in particular has kept the podcast active over the summer).

Our first guest of the new session was Laurie O’Donnell, @laurieod talking about ‘Innovation, creativity and technology for learning. Laurie gave a passionated, radical and reasoned argument for Innovation and creativity in Scottish Education which I recommend you listen too.

Most of the audio is pretty good quality, although we were beset by skype dropping out which made me a little too uptight to talk sense at times. Fortunately Laurie’s audio is much clearer than mine, I’ve still a lot to learn about nicecast.

David has already put together an impressive list of participants for future shows which you can read about over at Radio Edutalk. We are very open to suggestions or volunteers for future broadcasts please get in touch, (a comment here, twitter tagged #edutalk or an email to edutalkr at

Finally if you are interested in contribution to the EDUtalk podcast you can do so in several ways or if you would like to try live broadcasting, hosting or co-hosting a show, please get in touch.

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