Pmwiki 32

I’ve spent sometime messing around with PmWiki

PmWiki is written in PHP and distributed under the General Public License. It is designed to be simple to install, customize, and maintain for a variety of applications.

PmWiki seems very east to install, only requires php, no database is needed and is easily skin-able. here is my test install.

One nice idea behind pmWiki is that the core is kept small and lots of features are available as add-ons. For example, I’ve tested the quicktime recipe and the rss one. There are a pile of interesting looking recipes on the PmWiki Cookbook.

I am thinking of installing this on the Sandaig Website firstly as a tool for myself, but perhaps as an alternative way for pupils to contribute to the website. I am not too sure how they would get on with wiki style markup, but I am sure they could manage the simpler stuff. I need to play around with the configuration and user authentication before I think about that.