I've been thinking a lot about glow recently. Banging on the new 365 facility when I can and going over some old thoughts. I felt it might be good to get a few posts out over the break before I start the new post of 'glow product owner' in January. This should let me look back and think ‘how naïf’ or let other folk say, but you said…

One of the complaints I've heard countless times is the glow passwords are too complex for pupils, especially younger ones. Of then teachers turn up to glow training courses without their usernames and password and these have to be reset.

The reason given for problems with passwords is generally, they are too complex, or 'I have too many passwords'. I don't think either of these ring particularly true. I think David Gilmore told m something like, 'people will remember passwords if what is behind them is important enough'.

So part of the problem may be that what you get for remembering your glow password is not perceived as valuable enough. Perhaps we need 'stuff' in glow that is of enough value that folk remember their passwords or do not mind the hassle of getting them reset. Being able to reset your password via an email, as in most online services, might just be a good idea. It would certainly have cut my workload down a wee bit over the last few years.

By valuable I don't just mean a pile of resources, but the password protects a system that  is both powerful and easy enough to use.

The other aspect I think needs addressed is the matter of what is password protected. Should a list of resources be protected? I don't think so. A simple example might be a list of links for a class and a learning opportunity to go with it. Does that need to be behind a password, I don't believe so. If this resource also has a place for pupils to discuss and report then this may need to be password protected, to avoid spam, and perhaps protect pupils.

Likewise resources for staff do not need to be behind a password, it might be handy if tools to organise these resources could be associated with a teachers login, but folk would only need to login to do that organisation or storage.

So there may be value in having part of the new glow being free and open on the web, and for the bits behind the padlock to add value and be easy to use.

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