Today should have been a good day for the Sandaig Otters blog.

It was a whole school display day. All the classes pull together to produce a new display for or dining hall. Lots of things going on, but we are off timetable so I should have had some great chances to get some children blogging between art activities. I planned to have some going round taking photos of all the art activities in school and blogging that. I had a few poems in jotters that should have been blogged too.

It didn’t happen, I just got too busy with other things. I really need to get blogging into our daily routine fitting in with the rest of the curriculum. Too often it is an add-on or afterthought.

I did manage to test the video conferencing unit contacting Richmond Park in the afternoon, although this was just a test my class were pretty interested (ie shouting hi very loudly and waving enthusiastically to the staff at the other end) , which bodes well for later on when they will be conferencing with a few other schools.

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