Replied to Is Sharing Caring? – A Reflection on Comments and Social Media by Aaron (Read Write Respond)
What does it mean to be caring in online spaces and how is this related to sharing? I recently came across a message on a blog that stated ‘sharing is caring’. This was placed next to buttons for the various social media silos. This had me stop and think. Is this this in fact a lie we have been ...

@mrkrndvs I just changed the mention I got from this to a comment.

I find this sort of mention really valuable. I made a fairly off the cuff like and comment. Then I get a webmention from your post which is both interesting and leads to other places and ideas online and in my head.

This can certainly give comments & mentions can be more valuable than a tweet.

Getting the mention and pulling your post in as a comment just pulls everything together nicely.

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