Following Tim Lauer to Inward / Outward Aggregating on CodeDogBlog got me thinking about aggregation and reading my regular blogs again.

I am not convinced that Scottish Education Blogs on Suprglu works in the way I want it too.Ewan’s feed and other typepad feeds don’t seem to work the way I’d expect. It seems there are 3 feeds for Ewan’s blog Atom, RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 plus a feedburner one.

The rdf file (RSS 1.0) andthe feedburner one seem to have all the entries dated as today, this seems to confuse Suprglu and me, I think this really should be simpler.

Anyway the Inward / Outward Aggregating post and its comments lead me to NetVibes:

and goowy:

Both are content presentations tools where you can add rss feeds etc, and a fair way to while away a holiday morning.

But stll not really the way I want to read blogs.

I like the idea of just seeing new content in an aggregator or in Safari where you can see the number of unread new items, but I like the idea of reading blogs on a page the author designed and to read comments, at the moment I have my blogs in a bookmark folder:

Maybe I should remake this to hold feeds where I could see unread ones and then switch to the web view, I’ll keep that for another holiday morning.

If you are a mac user like me you might want to switch to Firefox for NetVibes, goowy is a flash app so works fine in Safari. NetVibes say Safari support is coming.

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