I always think that the end of term will allow me to squeeze in some extra ict lessons and activities. As usual this year I was wrong forgetting how busy Christmas is. I’ve hardlt had time to post here at all.

The December Radio Sandaig podcast is out at last. Lot of trouble with this one and I ended up doing most of the editing myself. Audacity managed to lose all the children’s edits.

After enquiring on the Podcasting-Education mail list and searching the audacity-users list it seems that Audacity can have problems with losing data if you move the original files.

This seems related to the file format preferences, and how Audacity imports:

Make a copy before editing(safer)

Read Directly from the original file (Faster)

The second, which is AFAIK the default, is what I use and seems to be a problem.

The solution seems to be to use the safer import and save a wav file at the end of each editing sessions as a backup.

Anyway the December podcast doesn’t even have background music due to lack to time and having to redo the whole thing.

An other interesting ict activity we did was a little experimenting with Comic Life. This is a wonderful app to quickly create comics, I’ve read a lot about it on the web recently, but just got round to trying it out.

Emma B in primary seven produced this comic of the Radio Sandaig Christmas Boys Vs Girls competition for the Sandaig Otters blog.

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