18 thoughts on “Firefox doesn’t seem to show RSS anymore

  1. @johnjohnston I used to agree…then I saw how easy it is to build an h-feed…now I wish everyone just did that…It is a resource issue…and a we need to make some money on this Pocket issue…..but simply had no users and no mantainers

  2. @johnjohnston @bradenslen The Feedbro extension for FF works nicely but definitely fits ‘not so pretty.’ I checked out Waterfox today and like it, especially for detecting and previewing feeds. I already use 2 browsers regularly and adding a third to the workflow appears to be in my future. Thanks guys.

  3. @bradenslen Not sure about ‘higher level’ but it’s always been Firefox for bookmarks (and surfing) and Safari for reading list – and now Waterfox sounds like a winner for previewing feeds. For what it’s worth, there’s also Readkit for feeds, BookMacster for managing bookmarks, MarsEdit for organization (and sometimes posting), Keyboard Maestro, TextExpander, and Better Touch tool for automation, Choosy for using all those damn browsers, and FileZilla for… Oh my, I’ve created a monster! 😮

  4. @jeremycherfas @jgmac1106 @johnjohnston I remember back when they added that, Ben (I think) was adamant that people needed a way to see what the feed they were going to subscribe to looked like (the preview view was the part of their feed support ecosystem that made the least sense to me—the feed is going to look like the blog’s posts, right?—but it ended up being the part that I wanted to port to Camino by the end, because it was useful as a simple “reader mode” for blogs with crappy layout and JS and whatnot).

    I also find it ironic that Firefox is ripping out its feed support just as RSS is making a real “comeback” (in mindshare; as plumbing, it never went away) on the web… 😛

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