Radio Sandaig

Our most ambitious project yet. Interviews with children and teachers, News from the school and our Holland trip, ending with a suprise musical item.

Lucy and megan from primary six carried out the bulk of the work, supplimented by News from Emma B and Darren, some Holland reports from various primary sixes and a musical item from primary seven.

We are begining to get the idea with podcasting I think, just need a bit of practice with the software to get the sound quality right. I’ve not really spent much time with audacity, which we use to edit the sound files, so I can’t teach more than the basics.

We have been learning as we go along.

The Children have done most of the scripting, recording and editing, I’ve been trying to keep in the background.

I am not sure if this is the best way to go about it, it might be better to have a more hands on approach. Hopefully next session we can expand the program a bit to include a regular programme and include more children.

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