14 thoughts on “Loch Oss

  1. @the a bit convoluted: record gpx with trails app, uploaded that. Photos to a Flickr album. Text in album description. Webpage takes track and maps it using leaflet.js adds the photos and description from Flickr via API. I add a link to the index. Quite quick now since I’ve done a few.

  2. @the thanks. I think leaflet.js uses OSM and you can choose various styles including one with contours. I used to use google but they keep changing api and got too confusing for me. Are your maps viewable somewhere?

  3. @johnjohnston No, no posted maps. It’s just a personal project, still unfinished (“good enough for my purposes”). The goal of the project is to see if I can produce a good algorithm for taking multiple tracks and combining them into a more accurate street description. It’s got lots of fun challenges such as “averaging” 2D vectors to get the track, and distinguishing similar but different tracks (such as sidewalks from the roads they parallel). It’s been slumbering lately but your map reawakened my interest.

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