Really enjoyed listening (on Huffduffer for 30 days1) to Preparing for ReclaimPress from YouTube even though it is not really in my wheelhouse (maybe a link to my Glow Blogs role). The possibilities for WordPress keep on growing. Jim talks about moving DS106 to this infrastructure. I still think DS106’s WordPress setup (as is is a great example of how we should run educational community.

  1. I don’t really have the space on inclination to watch videos very much, I find using Huffduffer along with huffduff-video really useful. ↩︎

3 thoughts on “Listened to Preparing for ReclaimPress

  1. Thanks for listening, probably better as audio anyway 🙂 The cool thing with ReclaimPress could be a scalable model for that community that can have custom/templated pieces and be quite affordable at scale. I like the idea that fast cheap and out-of-control can go mainstream 🙂

    • Well I did peep at your video to see your excellent tan! Audio advantage for commuting;-) Very excited about the possibilities for community use, especially multi-site perhaps with indieweb flavoured comments/webmentions. You have a social network in a box.

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