Uh, you know, you could imagine a history of podcasting, that evolved more just like a digital version of radio, and didn’t have this, this idea of a feed. And there are services out there, I think, trying to get back to a more controlled, like not, not a feed-based system,

I’ve been really enjoying dipping into Really Specific Stories which is about the creative practice of RSS-based tech podcasting. So far a lot of the episodes I’ve listened to have been from duel point of views as listeners & producers. I’ve found the ‘listener’ views particularly compelling.

I’ve not managed to post any notes about the episodes I’ve listened to but I’am delighted that they come with full transcripts. I mostly listen to podcasts while driving, ideas pop into my head and vanish. The transcripts let me go back and skim to be reminded.

I didn’t really need to skim this episode except to grab a quote. Daniel’s passionate arguments for RSS and publishing in the open came across very strongly. I both enjoyed and agreed with it all.

Although Really Specific Stories is about tech podcasting I think anyone with an interest in podcasting would enjoy it. I’ve listened to several episodes now and will continue to follow it.

10 thoughts on “Listened: Really Specific Stories – Daniel Jalkut

  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, @JohnPhilpin, and I appreciate your blog post about the podcast, @johnjohnston!

    It pleases me to read that you’re also finding the transcripts useful; whether they’re present in podcast show notes for accessibility, easier search or thorough academic analysis, many people hopefully stand to benefit.

  2. @JohnPhilpin Yes, I use Otter, but then I go through it with the service to manually correct any errors and redo all of the punctuation. Following that, I export it as a document and reformat things in Pages to then export a PDF. The process from initial episode planning all the way through to publication is long, but worth it.


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