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My ability to concentrate on any task is limited, no matter how much I enjoy that task. Eventually I reach a point where my performance is severely hampered, things take longer than usual, and I make mistakes, become inefficient, less creative, and easily distracted. Sound familiar? Tangle of bare b...

Fascinating post on fascination. It proposes that Soft Fascination will restore out concentration and that this is facilitated by being in nature. I certainly feel it can be easy to become absorbed in the natural world. I was also pleased to read

On the contrary, smartphones may help us get out more, adding to a sense of safety, GPS means you can explore more, there are countless information sources and apps about the outdoors, and there’s the full set of UK Ordnance Survey maps available for download on a GPS enabled app. Photography provides a means of exercising soft fascination and probing the world. There’s a sense in which the great outdoors and what we get out of it is already mediated by decades worth of technology, not to mention presentations via art and the mass media.

I’ve  found my phone a useful tool for navigating the natural world,  not only as a method of finding where I am but of recording that and identifying my surroundings and neighbours. Trails, PlantNet and PeakFinder Are some of my favourites along with the camera and an audio recorder.

hat tip @livedtime

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