Liked Scripting News: Friday, April 30, 2021 (Scripting News)
I've said this a million times. One more time won't hurt. Podcasting was created so everyone can make media. It was designed, deliberately, without gatekeepers. To have a podcast, you have to have a public RSS feed with enclosures. That's why you hear at the end of podcasts, "You can get this where ever you get podcasts."

The suggested punishment is a bit harsh. Everything else rings true.

4 thoughts on “Liked: Dave Winer on podcasting

  1. @adamprocter I am not sure, I expect they are still supporting free rss driven ones. I am a wee bit worried about the email I got about “action required” and mention of reviewing required tags. Some of these need a bit more extra above a RSS feed and enclosure. Feedburner helps with some, but it seems on the way out.

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