2 thoughts on “Liked: An Update on the Classic Editor Plugin

  1. John, that is good news.
    One of the interesting aspects to having two sites is running two different setups. I still use the Classic Editor Plugin for my Collect blog and have started tinkering with Gutenberg in my main blog. I find blocks really cumbersome and appreciate Tony Hirst’s sentiments. I actually often carve out my posts in my Collect blog and copy the contents across, but the translation to blocks can be rather frustrating. On top of that, I am not sure where it leaves Post Kinds, which I guess is the point Ton Zijlstra is trying to make.

    • Although I am still classic here, I have dabbled with blocks on a few other sites. I would like to like blocks but they seem more of site designers than simple bloggers. I need to have a reasonable understanding to support Glow Blog. I was interested in Ton’s idea, but would need advice on converting all my existing posts. I like blogging from a text editor and post via xml-rpc but mostly use the WordPress interface due to the affordances of Post Kinds which have given me so much. Getting back to posting from TextMate would escape any editor.

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