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Aide or Answer – Learning with Artificial Intelligence – Read Write Respond

With this in mind, for me I feel that AI tools are useful as an aide, but I am circumspect about using them as the answer. I guess time will tell.

Walk to Auld Wives Lifts I need to have a wee walk to the Auld Wives Lifts

Tom Coates on how Threads will integrate with the Fediverse

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get the interoperable shared, open social web that many of us have wanted for the last twenty plus years? Wilder things have happened. Fingers crossed?

A less positive view of Meta:

Meet ‘Link History,’ Facebook’s New Way to Track the Websites You Visit

As lawmakers introduce tech regulations and Apple and Google beef up privacy restrictions, Meta is doubling down and searching for new ways to preserve its data harvesting empire.

The company pitches Link History as a useful tool for consumers “with your browsing activity saved in one place,” rather than another way to keep tabs on your behavior.

Scripting News: Friday, January 12, 2024

That’s the thing we really need to escape from, being monetized. The only respectful way to be monetized is to pay for something worth paying for, roughly what it costs, plus a reasonable margin of profit.

RemovePaywall | Free online paywall remover

Remove Paywall works by finding archived versions of a website. These archived pages do not have a paywall
and allow readers to get the article without having to pay or being forced to log in.

Marlon James on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize, Authenticity as Pose, and Not Reading His Book Reviews ‹ Literary Hub

I think the thing about Led Zeppelin and the Stones is that they dig music–particularly black music–after the fact. The difference between them and Dylan is that Dylan digs culture as it’s happening. And I think that’s a big difference. It’s why Talking Heads sound like Talking Heads, you know?

Top 100 Tunes from Scotland 2023 (25–1): Young Fathers to Jesus & Mary Chain | The Herald

11 Michael Timmons & Yoker Moon – Practice

Recorded mostly live and apparently musically improvised with Glasgow electronic musician Yoker Moon, the East Kilbride songwriter Michael Timmons has placed an evocative and fragile lyrical hook within a tense computer generated soundscape.

My son-in-law at number 11

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