Image: Double page from ‘Shinki ipputsu’ Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 2.0 from Wellcome Images.

Notes from the bookmarks I’ve made this week.

There is an awful lot of giffing going on.

I noticed:

I’ve joined in the 1840s Gif party

#walkmyworld is an interesting hash tag

Over the next ten weeks, we would like you all to share (once a week) with us a “walk” in your “world.” There really are no rules to this challenge. The only real “rule” to this challenge is that we ask that you share this publicly on Twitter, and include the hashtag (#walkmyworld) in your post.

from: The #WALKMYWORLD Project you can join in or follow the activity:
Twitter / Search – #walkmyworld

Here is my first effort on instagram.

Some Heavy Hitters

It is getting more common

For institutions to release images under Creative commons licenses. This week I bookmarked Thousands of years of visual culture made free through Wellcome Images

We are delighted to announce that over 100,000 high resolution images including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements are now freely available through Wellcome Images.

Not the easiest site to use, no embed codes for example, but another welcome(sorry) addition to a growing set of wonderful creative commons resources.

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