Replied to Paying for the Privilege: The Collective Move to Patreon by Aaron Davis (Read Write Respond)
With the move to platforms like Patreon, it leaves me wondering about the impact on the wider community. I opened my feed today to find Doug Belshaw has made the move from Gumroad to Patreon. After the recent glitch involving fees, it seems that there is a growing move to the platform within the g...

🔗. I’ve kept coming back to this post so it must have touched a nerve. I am not exactly sure why. It is an interesting read.

I love the idea that folk, and folk I ‘know’, can make part of there living publishing on the web. I guess once someone adds Patreon, or the like, to their blog I fell a wee bit of guilt when I read without paying. I also maybe feel a bit more separated from these writers than before1.

This is strange as I like paying for some software or services. If I use a service I like, inoreader or for example, I pay. I don’t need inoreader’s paid features but I hope the service keeps running. I could use IFTTT or the like instead of‘s publish to twitter but I hope that my $2 a month will help keep the service going.


1. I am very aware that the bloggers I know who are doing this are in a very different class than myself.

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  1. @johnjohnston phew, I thought I was alone on this one 😐 It is strange when I see the ‘Patreon’ button, not exactly sure why.

    I too pay for Inoreader. I decided to when I moved from Feedly. I think that I would rather stop posting to Twitter than pay $2 for it, but I definitely agree with your sentiment.

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