10 thoughts on “iRig again

  1. @warner I’ve got a wee shure lighting mic for my phone. Easy to stuff in a pocket. I think my class(10-11 years old) like the iRig cause it looks like a mic and they can hold it in their hands. I was astonished it still worked it is at least 10 years old.

  2. @johnjohnston I often think half the value of ‘good kit’ is simply the spectacle to inspire people – be they grownup singers like me, or your school students – to bring their A-game!!
    Can be annoying when I’m tryna produce minimalist!

  3. @maique as more films are ‘Shot on iPhone’ I wonder if they will improve the customizability of that on iPhone 14.

    Even in 3rd party apps like Mevo, I’m pretty sure it just says ‘iPhone microphone’ without even distinguishing whether theirs another one plugged in.

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