I think this is why I blog…

Yes, on one hand, it might help someone else learn a trick or an approach. Yet I think there is more- in the retelling of the making, I get to reflect more closely on what I did, how I went about it. Explaining it is for other people, but as much as a reflective practice for myself. I almost re-do the making, and often think about what I might have done better.

from: The Good, The Bad, and The Puppy (and some pondering on Making / Making of) – CogDogBlog

Even if no one is reading. Thanks Alan.

7 thoughts on “I think this is why I blog…

  1. “Even if no one is reading.” That’s key, right there. If you can blog without an audience then it’s definitely reflective. Yes, others might find it and it might help but that is very much a secondary (maybe tertiary) consideration. At least for me.


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