I got a new iPad today. The 8 gen model nothing fancy. Set up in a tick using my phone. I’ve installed a bunch of application, but no work ones. No FirstClass no Teams, Office, no work or glow account in mail.

Hopefully going to be a browsing, reading and blogging machine maybe messing with media a little but no work.

Over lockdown 1 and 2 my Mac has become filled with work. I sit down to do whatever and an email or teams ping. My browsers are full of tabs of teaching. My phone is pretty much the same.

10 thoughts on “I got a new iPad today

  1. @johnjohnston good shout my Mac and phone are so notification noisey with pandemic and so many tabs ‍♂️ my pop Linux box was my cure but I’ve not been dedicated Enough. Have been starting to find the I’m away options in apps and DND turned on helps until I forget I had it on and would have happily read a message

  2. I’ve got a new iOS !
    Upgraded my iPad Pro yesterday.
    I’m always afraid to brick my device due to upgrading. But it went well.
    It’s an iPad Pro from the first edition that hit the market. I’ve been using it soooooo much. For hobby and for work. Awesome device.

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