On of the real benefits to upgrading glow blogs to WordPress 4 will be its mobile interface. When WordPress 2.9.2 came out in 2010 we were just into the start of the mobile web and the term responsive web design had just been coined.

Now a large percentage of the population have devices in their pockets that are more than capable of posting content online.

. The WordPress  dashboard now  is responsive resizing and rearranging the tools to fit on my screen. Adding an image is simple and a gallery is easy enough.

WordPress now lets me select several images to insert in a post or create a gallery.

This post was started in the train, continued on the tube platform and finished on the couch all using my phone.

Personally I am not the greatest typest on any device. Many folk will be faster. Or I could start a post while mobile, capture images and save that as a draft for later.

I am looking forward to seeing how glow bloggers go mobile next year.

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  1. 20th January 2015
    Glow blogs were upgraded to WordPress 4
    Moving to WordPress 4 was a major upgrade. Moving from version 2.9.2 to 4 of any software will bring changes. Among the major changes are:
    An improved menu system, making creation of more complex navigation, you can find a tutorial on menus: Creating a Custom Menu in WordPress – WordPress 101 Tutorials
    Much better media handling, WordPress displays media natively without the need for plugins.
    Much improved mobile interfaces, see: #glowblogs improvements: mobile – John’s World Wide Wall Display

    A generally better editing experience on modern browsers.
    The WordPress Admin Bar a shortcut area that allows you to access the blog controls when you’re on the front-end of your WordPress blog or website. (you can turn this off in your profile) Here is a good tutorial:Using the WordPress Admin Bar
    and most importantly a way to move forward and add more features in the future.
    We have several new themes and some existing themes have been updated too.
    While it might take users a short time to get used to the changes, we think that this will be a very positive upgrade to the Blogs service.
    The Help blog will be updated to support WordPress 4 over the next few days.

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