I’ve set up yet another blog, I know I don’t really write enough on this one to justify all the others, but I was looking for an easy way to tweet quotes. I was also looking for a way to use one of my favourite quotations:

Talking about it isn’t good enough
But quoting from it at least demonstrates
The virtue of an art that knows its mind.
Seamus Heaney : Squarings

Setting up a second posterous blog took about 30 seconds, most of which was finding the quote for the subtitle;-).

I can now use the Posterous Bookmarklet to post a quote and tweet it: example.

I like saving quotations, but sometime I don’t want to use delicious, instapaper, evernote or any other of the myriad of services I’ve signed up for.

Posterous is continuing to evolve into a more compelling tool all the time and will hopefully be a good fit for sharing and storing quotations.

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