Drummer to WordPress! by john (John’s World Wide Wall Display)

Frank’s technique works. This is my second test.
The possibilities for using Drummer just opened up for me. The script looks as if it is going to open my eyes a bit.

Great to see this script used in the wild for the first time John! And good to see it just works. Well, sort of. I’m glad you had the authorization figured out. On the use of Basic Auth, I don’t have a specific plugin for this. Since WordPress 5.6, you can use REST API authentication with Application Passwords out of the box.
One more thing … I look forward to exploring how we could use Indieweb building blocks like Micropub and Webmentions to connect Drummer blogs. How we can reply through Post Kinds in WordPress, it would be great if we can integrate this into Drummer as well. I feel it could be the same sort of scripts but different endpoints and data objects. But again, not a programmer here. Maybe more of a code-poet…

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