Firstly,  I think we should all congratulate George Auckland  and his team for breathing new life into the 1984-86 Domesday Project. I have met George several times and have been privileged to hear him to speak at conferences, and have never failed to be moved by his knowledge, modesty and vision. George can now add Domesday Reloaded to his significant achievements.  Domesday Reloaded is a “full extraction of the community disc  – This is the material which has been published online as the centrepiece of the BBC “Domesday Reloaded website.”

Completely new to me, I was not in education or interested in tech in 1986. A marvellous project now brought back to life on the web where you can read text about, and see photos from, ‘blocks’ on the map with contributions from a host of folk including many schools, teachers and pupils. now with the ability to update the blocks. An opportunity for many curricular areas. See Theo Kuechel’s two posts: Digital Signposts: Domesday Reloaded (Part 1) and Domesday Reloaded (Part 2) » for more info.

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