I’ve been a lot slower off the mark getting my class blogging this session, by this time last year we had several posts on the otter’s blog. My class this session are a little different, bigger and it will take longer to organise them into practised bloggers. I am hoping that my class from last session will continue to blog with their new teacher and they and Skippy have made a start.

So I’ve started tidying up the blogs a little, the Primary Six SJ blog has become the Primary Seven S one, and I’ve just added an interesting blog to the children’s side bar: Al Upton and the miniLegends. If you are running a class blog that children write on and would like some sort of informal connection to our guys, let me know and I’ll add a link. I’ve not started checking links and testing to see if our blog friends are blocked yet but that will need t obe done before the children get going.

I am also beginning to think of the links we hope to make this year along with strengthening some loose bonds. I hope to join the Mothership at some point. Our peripatetic music teacher has spoken to me about learning GarageBand so I hope he can help me improve the sound of Radio Sandaig, I’ve also joined Voices Of The World an interesting looking podcast project organised by Sharon Tonner. I a mlooking forward to finding out what sort of tasks the project will set, the fact they are going to be about producing one or two minutes of audio makes them very doable.

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