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A while back I backed Next Generation LiveCode (Open Source) by RunRev Ltd on Kickstarter this week RUNRev released the Community Edition of LiveCode.

North Lanarkshire, where I work, is just starting to roll out Livecode to the high schools to their computing departments. Although I deal with primaries, this is quite exciting, I am a fairly longtime HyperCard and SuperCard user and Livecode shares the philosophy and english like scripting language of these wonderful tools.


Some of the links added to my pinboard this weekend:

I’ve noticed SNAP! (Build Your Own Blocks) for a while, this Scratch clone, runs in a browser and works fairly well on an iPad. I took it for a brief spin this afternoon.


Sometimes dragging was a wee bit sticky and obviously arrow key message and the like are not present on the iPad, but worth a deeper look.

After updating a couple of simple web apps last week, I was greatly impressed by Forecast, its not a web app its an app you install from the web., of course in a completely different league from my scratchings, very impressive.

I’ve been struggling to move Radio Edutalk away from posterous. Just for fun I tested Justmigrate which claims to Move Posterous to Tumblr in few clicks and it does: enviable stuff. The first 100 posts are free, after that it cost money. I just move 100. (I now seem to have 3 tumblr blogs, one auto posts using ifttt, one for animated gifs and now this new one.)


Speaking of animated gifs: The increasingly hairy Doug Belshaw (That is not him on the left) was collecting animatedgifs I did a wee bit of scraping to throw the etherpad list of urls onto a page: Doug’s Gifs which should get your laptop fan blowing.

I’ve done a wee bit of webscraping in the past (for instance Which Way? which users ScraperWiki which didn’t exactly stretch the power of scraperwiki), but this is even simpler, just a php page with a regularExpression to grab all gif urls. I still do not really understand the magic of regEx but you can get a lot from google.

Tweeting my last post here I got a reply from Theo pointing to his new blog “Things May Come and Things May Go which I’ve been enjoying, this post: Open Education Priorities (Schools) asks some good questions of schools, I suspect the answers might disappoint.

the pinboard icon above if from The “Flat Web Icon Set” and distributed for free by Icons & Coffee under the “Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported License”.

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