how could I display a list of links using the WordPress opml in the body of a page?

[opml url=”URL_OF_OPML-FILE”]

Replace “URL_OF_OPML_FILE” with the actual URL you copied in the previous step.
For example:

[opml url=””]

  1. Save or update the page.
  2. Preview or visit the page to see the list of links displayed.
    WordPress will parse the OPML file and generate the necessary HTML to display the links.

Are you sure there is an opml shortcode? This didn’t work on my site

I apologize for the confusion. You are correct that there is no built-in OPML shortcode in WordPress. I apologize for the incorrect information provided.

What was intriguing was the total confidence for the reply and the immediate apology, did it check to see if I was correct? It then went on to offer a plugin suggestion…

2 thoughts on “ apologizes

  1. Hell – seems the all-intelligent artificial intelligence is relying on all the hits and misses of doing a Google search like the rest of us mere humans! Everybody knows everything and nobody knows nothing and AI is just a faster version of that. LOL and all that. Oh – and hi John (we humans have a more personal touch ya know)

    • Hi Joe,
      The personal touch was what excited me about blogging when I started. I didn’t have colleagues near by interested in Educational Technology, but I found pals online interested in some of the same things. I hope that is not lost.

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