A beautiful video. Of course I recognise lots of these negative factors from my own online life. But I also get some real connections. Thee are made possible by being able to hook up with people who share interests that are not local.

When I started using computers I found a series of interests, professional and personal that were not common locally By being  online I could find pals to discus these things.

A lot of things I ‘share’ online are probably not of a great interest to the majority of my, say, twitter followers, but they sometimes do  find a target.

The other thing about lonlieness or being alone is that is is sometimes nice:

Read Stop Trying To Be Creative by Christie Aschwanden
I recently finished a story I’d spent several months obsessing over. When I pitched the piece to my editor, I knew that I’d found a worthy subject, but I couldn’t quite articulate what the story was about. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the words — it’s that I didn’t have an answer yet...

Interesting read on where good ideas come from