Just when you though it was safe to go back into the water. These are my favourite posts by pupils at Sandaig.

  • Kieran Holocaust Poem Not a regular blogger Kieran wrote this in his spare time.
  • Twincas tn
    Twin Castles a great conversation.
  • So I am sitting in my class at lunch time when two girls burst in: we must have a camera, they really wanted to blog this:
    Tower tn
  • P6 TO P7 is the kind of post I do not encourage enough.
  • First Circuit Movie a first experiment making quick movies with a digital camera. Here is another movie Flick Flacks, I’d really like to streamline this sort of production. This one was valuable assessment without writing, I asked the children to set up a few second movie to show some of the aspects of how gears work.
  • Sandy in London
  • I love this picture
    Dance tn
  • this was a whole class blog and mini podcast, like the wee movies above I want to try more of this.
  • Over at Sandaig Poets bio poem by Kimberley-Jayne is one of my favourite all time posts, what a wonderful sustained conversation without any input from me.
  • This JAMES THE GIANT PEACH book review took Shannon weeks to get finished.

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