I’ve had a half finished draft post about Blogging Bootcamp in the works since the bootcamp finished. I still hope to finish it but thought I used the excuse of the Teaching with WordPress course to post this shortish screencast.
I’ve also got a huge post about the 5Rs presentation I bungled at teachmeetGLA this week which will fit in nicely with #TWP15 too. Perhaps I’ll chop that up and post wee bit as it is getting out of control.

7 thoughts on “Blogging Bootcamp Video Review

  1. Great video, you mention a syndication plugin. Which one are you using? I am trying to figure our a different way of doing this besides (DeedWordPress)

    • Hi Lucas, thanks.
      The plugin we use is not available yet (AFAIK). It was one our developers came up with as an alternative to FeedWordPress. As they felt FWP would take too long to code review and might not be performant on a multisite setup. The Syndication plugin is a simplified version of one auttomatic have in development. It is not AFAIK released. At the moment it is not as fully featured as FWP. I’ve some info for Glow Blogs users on the help. I am a lot more familiar with FWP using it on ScotEduBlogs.org and edutalk.cc for a while now.



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