We had a good night at TeachMeet SLF 15

Here is some of the twitter stream: TMSLF15 (with images, tweets) Storify I tried to cut out re-tweets and duplication (but didn’t spend too much time on that).

The image view on twitter is nice: #tmslf15 hashtag on Twitter. As it highlights the amount of chat that went on in the breacout section.

We encouraged folk to post to the TMSLF15 Padlet about the ideas they discussed. I think the twitter stream is a bit richer.

Athole recorded a couple of periscopes, not sure how log they stay up: Mr M on Periscope: “#tmslf15” Mr M on Periscope: “Part 2 #tmslf15” This was well received by several virtual attendees.

We broadcast on Radio Edutalk, and I hope to edit the audio and post it soonish.

Here are some of the links extracted from twitter.


Image Credit Ian Stuart on Twitter.

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