Walking on Beinn Ruisg

Walk with Christine.
A cuckoo kept ahead of us on the way up to the dam. A one point going down into the grass and then onto a rock with a large wooly bear in its beak.

A dozen Red deer on the way up from the dam.

At around 11 am, rain expected turned out to be snow, a cold half an hour. Brightened up a little after that.

A good day.


Total distance: 12.46 miles
time moving: 5:33’31”
total time: 6:24’10”
moving speed: 2.24 mph
total speed: 1.95 mph
lowest point: 78 ft
highest point: 2299 ft
elevation gain: 4113 ft
elevation loss: 4137 ft

It has taken me a while to get this one together. I am still experimenting with recording on the hoof. This time I decided to record a series of short clips in Voice Memos. the intention was to string them together quickly with Ferrite. I found that a bit footery on the phone and ran into the three track for free limit.

Returned to the problem on the iPad and Hokusai. Only took a few minutes. Both ferrite and Hokusai are made by the same developer! I think I might read Difference: Between Hokusai Audio Editor and Ferrite Recording Studio — Wooji Juice I need to get a bit more practice with these apps.

Another experimental microcast. I recorded this on a walk last week using the iPhone audio memos app. Just kept a memo open and recorded fragments on the go. Unfortunately at some point I hit done and when I added more, without looking, I recorded over the start.

On editing in ferrite the app crashed everytime. So I switched to Hokusai 2 cut the start pasted it to the end and then levelled in Auphonic. Finally back in Ferrite I added the intro (recorded in Ferrite and run through Auphonic).

This if far too complicated. I also need a dead cat from the phone to cut down on wind noise.